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Overcoming the Challenges of Implementing a New Community Management Platform for Universities in the Entrepreneurship Space

Implementing a new digital platform, especially within a complex and diverse environment like a university, can be fraught with challenges. However, with a strategic approach and proactive mindset, these hurdles can be overcome. Here’s a guide to successfully integrating a community management platform for entrepreneurship ecosystems within universities: 

Building Stakeholder Buy-In 

Challenge: Resistance to change is a common hurdle. Faculty, students, and other stakeholders might be reluctant to migrate to a new system. 

Solution: Involve all relevant stakeholders from the beginning. Present the long-term vision and benefits of the platform. Arrange demos and feedback sessions to give everyone a sense of ownership in the transition. 

Ensuring Data Privacy and Security 

Challenge: Universities handle sensitive data, making data security a top concern. 

Solution: Opt for platforms with robust encryption and compliance standards. Regularly conduct security audits and educate community members about best practices in data safety. 

Data Migration 

Challenge: Transferring data from existing systems to a new platform can be cumbersome and risk data loss. 

Solution: Collaborate with platform providers to design a seamless data migration strategy. Backup all data and test the migration with a smaller subset before a full-scale transfer. 

Platform Customization 

Challenge: One-size-fits-all solutions may not cater to the unique needs of a university’s entrepreneurship community. 

Solution: Choose a platform that offers customization options. Work closely with the tech team to tailor the platform’s features to suit the community’s specific requirements. 

Training and Onboarding 

Challenge: A platform is only as good as its users’ ability to utilize it effectively. 

Solution: Organize comprehensive training sessions for different user groups. Create user manuals, FAQs, and tutorial videos. Appoint platform champions within the community to assist peers. 

Integration with Existing Systems 

Challenge: Universities often operate with multiple systems, and integrating a new platform might lead to compatibility issues. 

Solution: Ensure the chosen platform supports integrations. Collaborate with IT teams to connect the platform with existing systems. 

Ensuring Continuous Engagement 

Challenge: After the initial excitement wanes, user engagement might decline. 

Solution: Regularly update content, initiate discussions, and host virtual events. Gamify the platform experience with badges or points. Seek feedback and introduce new features based on community needs. 

Managing Costs 

Challenge: Budget constraints can deter the adoption of a new platform. 

Solution: Highlight the long-term ROI of the platform in terms of efficiency, engagement, and brand building. Consider platforms with flexible pricing models, or seek sponsorships from industry partners invested in entrepreneurship. 

Staying Updated 

Challenge: The digital world evolves rapidly. The platform might become obsolete if not updated. 

Solution: Opt for platforms that offer regular updates and new feature rollouts. Stay in close contact with the provider to ensure the university is leveraging the latest capabilities. 

Measuring Success 

Challenge: Determining the platform’s impact can be nebulous. 

Solution: Define clear KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) at the onset. Monitor metrics like user engagement, content interaction, event attendance, and feedback to gauge success and areas of improvement. 


While integrating a new community management platform in the university entrepreneurship space has its challenges, with a well-thought-out strategy, these obstacles can be effectively tackled. Remember, the goal is not just to introduce a new piece of technology, but to foster a thriving digital ecosystem that nurtures budding entrepreneurs, facilitates innovation, and solidifies the university’s reputation as an entrepreneurial hub. 

At Village Insights, we understand the challenges that lie in implementing a new software system.  While we offer general setup and support on and on-going basis, we also have digital community managers / support that can offer white-glove services to ensure everything is running smoothly.